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Collector Owned* DC Comics Sci-Fi Revoltech No.043 Batmobile Tumbler

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Brand new in box. Collector Owned, please check all photos.

Product Description

Tumbler 13.5cm long (5.5"). Includes batman figure, flame exhaust, clear V stand, nameplate.

Requisitioned by Bruce Wayne from obscurity in Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division, the Tumbler, initially tested and further modified by Wayne, serves as a means of solidifying Batmans edge against Gotham Citys rampant criminal element. Outfitted with a reconfigurable driving cockpit, the heavily-armored Tumbler provides the option of ejecting the smaller Batpod cycle vehicle. Possessing a jet engine and stealth capability, the Tumbler is equipped with frontward auto cannons and a rocket launcher-powered grapnel. In The Dark Knight, the Tumbler is utilized as a countermeasure against the incendiary mayhem generated by the Jokers rocket-propelled grenade launcher.